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ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله

Mā shāʾ Allāh, lā quwwa illā bi-llāh

What ever God wills, there is no power except through God
CBL Ar 3424, f. 1a
CBL Ar 3610, f. 3a
CBL Ar 3651, f. 1a
CBL Ar 3652, f. 1a
CBL Ar 3864, f. 1a
CBL Ar 4191, f. 1a
CBL Ar 5232, f. 1a
CBL Ar 5247, f. 1a
CBL Ar 5249, f. 1a
CBL Ar 5524, f. 1a
CBL Per 102, f. 1a
CBL Per 147, f. 1a
Deroche, Islamic Codicology, p. 341, fig. 133
BL Add. 7628, f. 3a
CUL Add.746, f. 1a
= Qur'an 18:39 
Dimensions: 11mm round
There are two seals on this page. This is the first one from the top and the second is Seal 4. These seals are often found together.

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