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مراجعة و تفتيش شده سنة ١٣١٣

murājaʿa va-taftīsh shuda, sanat 1313

It has been examined and inspected in the year 1313

The handwritten part of the date can vary. CBL Ar 3059, ff. 2a and 285b CBL Ar 4050, ff. 1a and 303b CBL Ar 4195, ff. 1a and 255b CBL Ar 4222, ff. 1a and 172b (dated 1315) CBL Ar 4253, ff. 1a and 180b CBL Ar 4277, f. 1a CBL Ar 4278, ff. 1b and 191b CBL Ar 4279, ff. 1a and 267b CBL Ar 4280, ff. 1a and 178b CBL Ar 4288, ff. 1a and 268b CBL Ar 4291, ff. 1b and 216b CBL Ar 4292, ff. 1a and 211a CBL Ar 4293, ff. 1a and 251b CBL Ar 4300, ff. 1a, 206b and va CBL Ar 4310, ff. 1a and 247b CBL Ar 4355, ff. 1a and 85b CBL Ar 4357, f. 96b CBL Ar 4358, ff. 1a and 39b CBL Ar 4372, ff. 1a and 47b CBL Ar 4373, ff. 1a and 269b CBL Ar 4374, ff. 1a and 119b CBL Ar 4376, ff. 1a and 270b CBL Ar 4377, ff. 1a and 168b CBL Ar 4614, f. 1a CBL Ar 4804, f. 3a CBL Ar 4911, ff. 1a and 42b CBL Ar 4997, ff. 2a and 136b CBL Ar 5218, ff. 1a and 238a CBL Ar 5265, ff. 1a and 148b CBL Ar 5431, ff. 1a and 47a CBL Is 1403, ff. 1a and 7b CBL Is 1571, f. 1a CBL Per 125, f. 1a CBL Per 150, f. 1a CBL Per 199, f. 3a CBL Per 239, ff. 1a, 33b and 50a CBL Per 309, f. 1a CBL Per 414, ff. 1a and 86b FC: ms Persian 1 of the Burndy Library David Collection 34/2006, ff. 30b, 138b, 146b

There are three seals on this page. This is the first one from the top. For the first from the top, see Seal 90, and for the second, see Seal 91.

From description of Ar 4222: 'It bears the words murājaʿa va-taftīsh shuda, sanat 1315 (“it has been examined and inspected in the year 1315”), and the letters tāʾ and bāʾ within a small circle in the middle. (Note that only the first two numbers of the year, ‘13’, are printed, the last two are handwritten).'

The date is in Hegire but as Iranians count it in solar calendar, it's not 1895, but 1935. Those seals are equivalent of Customs export licence from Iran. (AT)

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