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اوله توفیق خدا عبدالقادر رهبر 1217

Due to the ownership note on the folio, this seal belongs to "Heydari Zade Abd al-Qader Sadafi", the judge of the city of Basra (in Southern Iraq). "قد یملکه العبد الفقیر الله عز شأنه / حیدری زاده هبدالقادر صدفی / القاضی بمدینه البصره المحروسه / ابن المرحوم عبدالله / غفر لهم / و ذلک بالشراء الشرعی / بمدینه البصره المحروسه / غره ص سنه 1236"

There are three seals on this page. This one is in the middle of the page and second from the top. The top one is Seal 11 and the third is almost effaced.

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