Seals database

Chester Beatty Library

The inter-active element of the site consists of three types of pages.

1. Each Select a Seal page consists of twenty seal impressions each identified by: a) a sequence number identifying that particular image and b) the inventory number of the manuscript and the folio on which it appears. The seals on each page may be ordered by sequence number or viewed in random order.

Click on the image to move to the Data Entry page.

2. There is a Data Entry page for each seal impression, where information on the seal can be added. Here you can zoom in on the image, read the catalogue entry (if available) for the manuscript in which it appears, or download or print the image. All information will be monitored before it ‘goes live’. Everyone adding information to the site will be asked to provide their contact details; it may, for example, be necessary to contact you to clarify information offered.

3. The Search page allows you to make either a simple or advanced search of the site. This function will become progressively more useful as the amount of information added to the database increases.

There are also an Abbreviations page and a Bibliography page. These will be expanded as the information added to the database increases.

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