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The Late Shah Jahan Album, compiled c. 1650 - 1658

Production of the borders and the subsequent assembly of the folios of this muraqqa‘ probably took place from about 1650 until 1658, the end of the reign of Shah Jahan, who is depicted in many of the paintings as elderly and white-haired: the album has therefore been dubbed the Late Shah Jahan Album.

Paintings of single, standing figures prevail, but there are also images of groups of religious figures, soldiers and musicians, and depictions of literary figures and scenes from Persian poetry. The most distinctive feature of the album, however, is the borders that surround the paintings, which are filled with smaller, standing and seated figures. Again, there are panels of calligraphy (again, usually the work of Mir Ali) on the reverse of each folio, but the borders on the calligraphy sides are instead filled either with flowering plants or with arabesques.