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In the Footsteps of Saint Paul

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Letters of Paul

The Conversion of Saul (Paul)

The Acts of the Apostles (8:34 - 9:6)
Greek text on papyrus c.AD 250 Egypt
CB BP I (P45) f.22v

This image shows a page from another famous Chester Beatty papyrus, Biblical Papyrus I, a copy of the Four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. This is the earliest surviving copy of these New Testament texts found in a single volume. The text concerning Paul’s vision begins 11 lines from the top.

10: all [the to]wns, [he preached the good news] until he rea[ched Caesarea. But Saul, still

11: br]eathing threats and murder [against the disciples of the Lord, having gone to]

12: the high priest, sought from him letters to Damascus, to the

13: syn]agogues, so that if [he found anyone belonging to the Way, men and

14: wo]men, [he might bring them] bound [to Jerusalem. And as he was

15: trave]lling, he was d[rawing near to Damascus, and suddenly there

16: flash]ed [around] him a light from [heaven]. And having fallen to the ground, he heard a

17: voi]ce, saying to h[im, Saul, Saul, Why are you persecuting me? And he said, Who are you, Lord?]

18: And he said, I [am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But get up, and go into

19: the c]ity, [and you shall be told what you must do]. ...