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Hamilton Field Hours - W 094, f. 6r
The Month of May
(Rahlfs 963): The Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy  - BP VI, f. 11r
Numbers 7: 1-8, 7: 8-15
Wep 4178.1
Her Most Excellent Majesty, Charlotte,...
Journal des Dames et des Modes - Wep 0817
Dressing Gown
Wep 49
Nemesis (The Great Fortune)
Wep 77
Melencolia I
The Book of Breathings - Pap XXa, detail
Anubis leading Khonsdjehuty to Osiris
Journal des Dames et des Modes - Wep 0889
Bathing Costume
Wep 86
The Madonna Nursing
Wep 4
Five Lansquenets and an Oriental on...
Wep 36
The Sea Monster
(P46): The Letters of Paul  - BP II, f. 54v
1 Corinthians 13: 2-11