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J 2424
A Bookseller's Stall
From the series: Seven Pictures for the Katsushika Group - J 2078
Writing Table
C 0743
Jade Snuff Bottle
C 3026
Mother-of-Pearl Brisé Fan
From: Hokusai's Album of Pictures from Nature  - J 1669
The Old Man - J 1111, ill. 1, detail
Manzai Dancer’s Drum
C 1147, ill. 4
The Hundred Lohans, Part 4 of 8
C 0551
Ivory Snuff Bottle
C 0482
Snuff Bottle
Hokusai Sketches, vol. 15  - J 1603.1
Assorted Birds
From the series: Ten Pictures for the Honcho Circle - J 2090
Geisha and Peacock
C 1147, ill. 2
The Hundred Lohans, Part 2 of 8