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C 1064
Sakyamuni Buddha
From the series: 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji'  - J 2746
The Sea off Kazusa
J 2494
Beautiful Women at a Yashiki
From the series: Six Immortal Warrior Poets - J 2076
Kamakura Udaijin (Minamoto no Sanetomo)
Great Perfection of Wisdom Summary Sutra - C 1746, ff. 1b-2a
Chapter 5
J 2179
Mount Fuji From Lake Ashi in Hakone
Spring in the Four Directions - J 1678, ill. 4
J 2820
Asters and Pampas Grass
Series: 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji' (Fuji sanjurokkei) - J 2714
Suwa Lake in Shinano Province (Shinshu...
C 1138
Painting of Flowers and Birds in the...
J 2017
Happy Rats
Court Amusements and Ceremonies - Bu 1201
The Training of Elephants