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C 1147, ill. 5
The Hundred Lohans, Part 5 of 8
Court Amusements and Ceremonies - Bu 1201
The Training of Elephants
Illustrated Version of Imagawa's Teachings for Women - J 1651
Domestic Interior
C 0648
Quartz Snuff Bottle
Fifth Print in the Series: Seven Pictures for Hisakataya - J 2287
Votive Paintings of Kagekiyo and an...
J 2017
Happy Rats
C 0826
Jade Snuff Bottle
J 2608
The Actor Nakamura Nakazo I as the...
J 2820
Asters and Pampas Grass
Painting album of figures from Buddhist legend - C 1364
The Bodhisattva Samantabhadra with an...
C 1147, ill. 4
The Hundred Lohans, Part 4 of 8
J 2116
Rooster Threatening a Painted Cockerel