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Abridged Bible - Arm 551, ff. 4-5
The Garden of Eden
The Apocalypse with illustrations - Wep 17
Title Page
Patriarchal Bull - Arm 635
Monastery of Armash
Acts of Phileas, Bishop of Thmuis, and Psalter - BP XV, f. 4v
Folio Fragment
Lectionary - Arm 599, Vol. 2, f. 266
Folio with Bolorgir Text and the...
(P47): The Book of Revelation  - BP III, f. 4v
Revelation 11: 19, 12: 1-6
The Song of the Three Holy Children - W 182, Title Page
Title Page
Wep 36
The Sea Monster
Wep 4182.10, .23, .36, .49
Popish Plot Playing Cards
Journal Des Dames et Des Modes, Plate 86 - Wep 875
Habit Nouveau Par Kriegck
Journal des Dames et des Modes - Wep 0830
Crêpe de Chine gown trimmed with...
Hamilton Field Hours - W 094, f. 6r
The Month of May