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J 2024
Morning Glories, Scissors and Porcelain...
J 2853
The Penance of Monkagu
Illustrated Version of Imagawa's Teachings for Women - J 1651
Domestic Interior
J 2075
Crows and Rising Sun
Jataka stories (181-209) - Bu 1206
The Future Buddha as a Parrot (jataka...
Scene from a Romantic Novel - C 1697
Dou E and Donkey Zhang
Fifth Print in the Series: Seven Pictures for Hisakataya - J 2287
Votive Paintings of Kagekiyo and an...
J 1111, ill. 1
Scenes from a Noh Play
Series: 'Oceans of a Thousand Pictures'  - J 2771
Catching a Whale off the Goto Islands
A Picture Book of the Glories of China and Japan  - J 1615
The Warrior Yamanaka Chunosuke on...
J 0779
Incense Storage Box
C 1147, ill. 6
The Hundred Lohans, Part 6 of 8