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Polyglot Psalter - AA307
Psalm 1. Beatus vir
New Theatre of Italy  - AA715, pl. xxiv
The City of Civitavecchia
An Exposition of English Insects - AK432
Title Page and Color Scheme
On Military Matters - AB672, pp. 272-273
Military Machinery
Nuremberg Chronicles - AC412, f. 299v
Map of Europe
Monograph of the Macropodidae, or Family of Kangaroos - AG661
Unadorned Rock Wallaby
Nuremberg Chronicles - AC412, f. 100
City of Nuremberg
Harmonia macrocosmica - AI788, pl. 22
Temple of Flora, or garden of the botanist - AK457
The Queen Flower (Bird of Paradise)
The Four Books of Albert Dürer   - AB667, pp. 60v and 61r
Proportions of the Human Body
The Portraits  of Illustrious French figures in the gallery of Richelieu’s Palais Cardinal - BB686
Title Page
The Triumphal Return of his British Majesty to Holland - AL146
Title Page
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