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Awrangzib Hunts Nilgais

Awrangzib Hunts Nilgais - In 11A.27 Zoom

Awrangzib Hunts Nilgais

c. 1660, India
In 11A.27


The image of the hunt is common in both Islamic and pre-Islamic art. The royal hunter symbolizes superior skill, strength and heroism, whether portrayed alone or as part of a large, formal hunt. Here the Mughal emperor Awrangzib (r. 1658-1707) is portrayed hunting nilgais. This painting is, however, essentially a landscape, a rather rare occurrence in Mughal and other Islamic painting.


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animals, Beautiful, hunt, India, Awrqngzib Hunts Blue (Nil) Cow(s) Gai(s), Awrangzib Hunts Blue (Nil) Cow(s) Gai(s), 1, Mughal, MiniatureArt

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