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Series: The Pacification of the Western Regions - C 1671
Victory Banquet given by the Emperor...
C 0551
Ivory Snuff Bottle
History of Arakan - Bu 1212
Buddha on His Deathbed
Hokusai Sketches, vol. 15  - J 1603.1
Assorted Birds
C 1147, ill. 7
The Hundred Lohans, Part 7 of 8
Thi 1301
Elephant Treatise
J 2494
Beautiful Women at a Yashiki
C 1064
Sakyamuni Buddha
Seventh Print in the Series: Seven Pictures for Hisakataya - J 2288
Votive paintings of the Six Immortal...
The Conquests of the Qianlong Emperor - C 1601
Battle Scene
C 1138
Painting of Flowers and Birds in the...
The Great Encyclopaedia of the Yongle Emperor - C 1758
Entry on the subject of Paper