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Yusuf and Zulaykha of Jami - Per 216, ff. 1b-2a
Illuminated Frontispiece
Book of Kings - Per 295, f. 443a
Introduction of Chess to the Iranians
Book of Pleasure - Per 115, f. 22a
Illustrated Folio
Guide to Happiness - Ar 5459, f. 3a
Illuminated Folio
An Astrological Almanac - T 434, ff. 23b-24a
The Fifth and Sixth Angels of the Seven...
Book of Kings - Per 114, f. 38a
Defeat of the Iranians at the Battle of...
Impey Ragmala - In 65.3
Raga Dipaka
Book of Kings - Per 277.3
Simurgh Assisting the Birth of Rustam
Qur'an - Is 1479, f. 235b
Lights of Canopus - In 04.74a
King Solomon and the Animals
The Book of Akbar  - In 03.263
Akbar and the Jesuits
Five Poems of Amir Khusraw - Per 163, f. 120b
Layla and Majnun in the Desert