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Akbar and the Jesuits

Akbar and the Jesuits - In 03.263 Zoom

Akbar and the Jesuits

The Book of Akbar
c. 1600-03, India
In 03.263


The Akbarnama or Book of Akbar is an official, imperial biography, written by Akbar's close friend and associate, Abu ‘l-Fazl. In the illustrations to the text, Akbar is portrayed as a powerful, dynamic and highly heroic figure, much as he seems to have been perceived by his contemporaries. In this painting, however, another aspect of the emperor's personality is portrayed: his intense curiosity about other religions. Akbar is shown in the midst of a theological debate with Jesuit missionaries in his Ibadat Khana, or House of Worship.



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Narsingh, Akbarnama, Mughal, jesuits, religion, interfaith, discussion, Ibadat Khana

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