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The Valiant Adventures of Tawara Tōda

29  June 2018 - 13 January 2019 

A medieval short story, re-told in elegant calligraphy and glittering images, the Tale of Tawara Tōda offers an engaging insight into Japan’s storytelling traditions. These three painted handscrolls document the exploits of tenth-century warrior Tawara Tōda (Fujiwara no Hidesato), whose tale of daring deeds blends history and legend, with an added dash of romance. Whether dispatching a giant centipede or defeating a nefarious rebel, our brave hero faces down his enemies with grace and cunning, to be richly rewarded with treasures untold.

This in-focus exhibition celebrates the triumphant return of the Chester Beatty’s mid-seventeenth century Tawara Tōda scrolls to Dublin following a three-year programme of painstaking conservation at the Restorient Studio in the Netherlands. This project, made possible with the generous support of Japan’s Sumitomo Foundation, ensures that generations to come will continue to be dazzled by the creepy creatures and fiendish foes in the Tale of Tawara Tōda. 
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