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The Nasir al-Din Shah Album, compiled c. 1627 - 1645

The history of the folios that make up this album is not clear, but they eventually ended up in Tehran where they underwent a number of alterations, by order of the then ruler of Iran, Nasir al-Din Shah (r. 1848–1896), for whom the album is named. (Eighty-four folios are still in Tehran, in the Gulistan Palace Library, fourteen are in the Chester Beatty Library, and at least another eighteen are dispersed among various collections.) The alterations included the pasting of later Indian and Iranian paintings onto some of the folios and also the addition of “new” inner borders. The borders of the folios are similar to those used in the Minto Album, and consist of flowering plant and arabesque designs, but the colored-ground borders that are such a major feature of the Minto Album (and which presumably date to the time of Jahangir) never appear in this album.