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The Gulshan Album,
 compiled c. 1600 - 1618

The major part of the Gulshan Album (some 140 folios) is today preserved in the Gulistan Palace Library in Tehran; the second largest group of folios (25) is in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin; and several other folios are dispersed amongst various collections.
On one side of each folio of the album is a central, single or composite image, on the other a central panel of calligraphy. The pictures included in the album are a mix of contemporary and earlier paintings and drawings of Iranian, Mughal, and other Indian origin, and also European paintings, drawings and, in particular, engravings. On the picture side of the folios, the wide outer borders always consist of coloured grounds overpainted in gold with various patterns of arabesques or else of animals set in lush landscapes. On the calligraphy side of the folios, however, the outer borders are filled with figures set in landscapes on uncolored grounds.