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Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue and Learning Seminar
4 April 2014

Intercultural learning and dialogue is at the heart of the Chester Beatty Library’s exhibition and learning programme.
For over 10 years, the Library has lead the way in developing links with its immediate and international diverse communities as reflected in the Collections. 

This day-long seminar explored how Irish and international museum practice recognises the need to work with external partners and groups as well as acknowledge the changing face of national identities in the twenty-first century.   The seminar’s theme related to the diversity and inclusion urban policy agenda advocated by the Intercultural Cities programme of the Council of Europe of which Dublin is a leading participant.

Speakers included: Minister for Education and Skills, Mr Ruairi Quinn, TD, Dr Viv Golding, Director of Learning and Visitor Studies, Senior Lecturer in Communication and Education,School of Museum Studies, Leicester University, Irena Guidikova (Intercultural Cities, Council of Europe); Declan Hayden (Office of Integration, Dublin City Council); Ann Luttrell (Anna Lindh Foundation, Irish Network); Jenny Siung (Chester Beatty Library); Margherita Sani (Istituto per beni artistici, culturali e naturali); Brid Maher and Jane Camara, Inclusion and Diversity Services, Northern Ireland; Justyna Chmielewska (Chester Beatty Library) and Alan Kirwan (House of European History; a project of the European Parliament). 

Special thanks to the Office of Integration, Dublin City Council under the One City One People campain for their support. 

Opening Remarks: Fionnuala Croke, Director, Chester Beatty Library. Click here

Key Note: Dr Viv Golding, Lecturer,Director of Learning and Vistior Studies, Senior Lecturer in Communication and Education, Programme Director of PhD Research Studies: School of Museum Studies, Leicester University. Museums and Communities: Collections, Curators, Collaboration. Click here

Intercultural Ireland
Declan Hayden, Office of Integration, Dublin City Council. 
An (Intercultural) Sense of Place. Click here

Irena Guidikova, Head of Division, World Forum for Democracy, Intercultural Cities Programme Manager, Council of Europe.
Intercultural Cities - A European Perspective. Click here

Ann Luttrell, Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), Head of Irish Network and Education Manager, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.
Intercultural Learning and Dialogue: the ALF. Click here

Jenny Siung, Head of Education, Chester Beatty Library.
Renegotiating Irish Identity: the Chester Beatty Library and Ireland. Click here
Intercultural Education & Learning
Margherita Sani, Istituto per i beni artistici, culturali e naturali (IBC), Bologna. Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue - from a European Perspective. Click here 

Brid Maher and Jane Camara, Inclusion and Diversity Services, Northern Ireland. Diversity in the Classroom. Click here 
Aoife Keogh, Art Educator, National College of Art and Desigm.  The Chester Beatty Library as a Teaching and Learning ResourceClick here

Justyna Chmielewska, Education Assistant, Chester Beatty Library.  Diversity in the Chester Beatty Library Volunteer Programme. Click here

Option 1: Museums and Intercultural Dialogue. Alan Kirwan, House of European History; a project of the European Parliament, Brussels. Suitable for museum educators. This workshop focused on migrant and minority ethnic visits to Irish museums and explores motivational factors behind such visits.  Who decides to come and why are they doing so? What are their perceptions of what they see and what are the implications for the Irish museum sector? In analysing the answers to these questions the session provided practical information to participants on how strategies of intercultural discourse could be built into their museum practice. Click here

Option 2: Intercultural Cities. Declan Hayden, Office of Integration, Dublin City Council.
This workshop will discuss how cities can develop 'diversity advantage' through the relationship with cultural institutions such as museums, etc., and how cities across Europe and beyond are developing projects under this model.  Discussions will take place on the 'Intercultural City' concept and how this can be linked to local smaller projects.
Option 3: Intercultural Learning. Brid Maher and Jane Camara, Inclusion and Diversity Services, Northern Ireland. Suitable for educators and teachers. Click here for Hajj lesson plan.
This workshop explored how to engage teachers and students with a number of topics to encourage teachers and students explore diversity and faith in museums. Participants were divided into groups to follow a treasure hunt in the Chester Beatty Library.