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Map for Intercultural Dialogue Publication and Projects 2007-2009 

The Library recently participated in a two-year project (2007-2009) working with European museums and is delighted to announce the publication Museums as places for intercultural dialogue: selected practices from Europe.  A pdf version is available online www.mapforid.it
The publication includes contributions from the following project partners: 
Chester Beatty Library (Ireland)
Instituto per i beni Artistici, Culturali e Naturali (Bologna), Museo de America (Spain),
The British Museum (UK)
Foundation for Museums and Visitors (Hungary),
City of Turin,
Imagine Identity and Culture (Netherlands)
Simono Bodo (Italy)
Dr Jagdish Gundara (University of London)
Dr Christina Kreps (University of Denver)

Other key partners involved were Amitie srl (Italy) and
Museo degli Sguardi (Rimini)
This project was funded by the Life Long Learning Programme and is a Grundtvig Multilateral Project.  See our website http://www.mapforid.it

Map for ID Conference, Madrid, 13-17 October 2009.
The results of the pilot projects and other findings were shared at conference hosted by the Museo de America in Madrid October 2009. The conference addressed museum educators and cultural mediators exploring how to use cultural heritage and museum artefacts as tools to promote a better understanding among individuals with different cultural backgrounds or belonging to different cultures.  It also addressed teachers, educators or artists who work with migrants, use an intercultural and multidisciplinary approach in their work and try to support mutual understanding and social inclusion

We would like to thank the European Commission for supporting the project.