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Chester Beatty Library │ Ireland 2016

For Ireland 2016, the Chester Beatty Library – as Ireland's only museum with a primary focus on global artistic heritage – explored themes around how its collections and programmes reflect contemporary cultural diversity and identity and what it means to be Irish in 2016.


Annual Lecture

The Chester Beatty Annual Lecture in February was delivered by James Cuno, President and CEO of the J.Paul Getty Trust. Titled Memory, Nostalgia, Meaning:Identity Politics and Cultural Heritage, it was attended by over 300 people.


Chester Beatty Symposium 

The Role of National Museums in (Re)Negotiating National Identity 

This symposium which took place in February 2016, included contributions from a range of speakers from Ireland and abroad, exploring how Irish and worldwide museums respond to complex issues around nationalism and multiculturalism; and how they negotiate national identity. 

Video footage of the seminar is now available HERE and the conference programme can be viewed HERE.
The symposium papers will be published later in 2016.

Speakers: Peter Aronsson (Linnaeus University, Sweden); Alan Chong (Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore); Patrick Cooke (School of Art History, UCD); Fionnuala Croke (Chester Beatty Library); and Elizabeth Crooke (University of Ulster); with contributions from Alan Kirwan (House of European History, Brussels), Jenny Siung (Chester Beatty Library) and Sheila Watson (University of Leicester).