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The Chester Beatty Papyri: A Unique Witness to Early Christianity

The biblical manuscripts in the Chester Beatty Library bear witness to the human story of the development of Christianity during the early centuries of its history.

The New Testament papyri and the Greek translations of the Jewish Scriptures show the type of book that would be used by an early Christian community for worship and for study.

Other manuscripts in the collection, most notably the Commentary on the Diatessaron, are evidence of a crucial debate of the earliest centuries of Christianity: whether there should be one definitive account of the life of Jesus, or whether several narratives, each with a slightly different emphasis, should stand side by side as equally authoritative.

The translation of the Bible into many languages is the result of the spread of Christianity throughout the world.

The importance of the early Scriptures in all these different strands of Christianity bears witness both to the unity and the diversity of the world's largest religion.

The biblical treasures in the Chester Beatty Library are not only of great significance for Christians, but they are also of great value to anyone interested in the development of human history and culture.

Letters of St. Paul