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The majority of the documentary texts in the Library’s collection are single documents or fragments of documents relating to business affairs, taxes, wills and other matters of daily life. 

Among the Greek documentary papyri acquire by Beatty was a roughly made codex, largely blank but containing several tax receipts dated to AD 339-345. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that the codex was made of a number of sheets glued back to back and doubled over to form a single quire. In places were the adhesive had loosened, earlier text was revealed on the inner surface. Conservation was undertaken at the British Museum to separate the sheets of the codex, where it was discovered that the re-used papyri came from two long rolls containing the official correspondence of the Strategus of the Panopolite nome (AD 298-300), primarily relating to the impending visit of the Emperor Diocletian to Panopolis (CBL PapPan I & II). This unique record has provided historians with a wealth of information on Roman administrative practices (and bureaucratic idiosyncrasies).


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