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The Armenian Collection of the Chester Beatty Library consists of manuscripts, primarily containing the texts of the Four Gospels, painted miniatures and detached metal covers.

These were acquired by Chester Beatty over a thirty-year period, starting before 1920 but increasing towards the end of the 1920s and into the 1930s. Some of most impressive material, however, was not acquired until just after the Second World War (1946-48). The highlight of Beatty's purchases from this period is a thirteenth-century Gospel-book (CBL Arm 558), acquired from the Phillipps Collection in 1947.

Beatty employed several Armenian scholars to write the descriptive entries for his manuscripts, but a published catalogue did not appear until 1958.


Der Nersessian, Sirarpie (1958) The Chester Beatty Library: A Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts