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Volunteer Agreement

The Chester Beatty Library
agrees to provide:

  • specialised training in specific areas of assignment;
  • continuous education sessions on the Library and its collection;
  • discounts in the Chester Beatty Library Shop and Silk Road Café;
  • the experience of working in a rewarding position;
  • the option to volunteer in a variety of different opportunities;
  • invitation to annual awards celebration event.

Chester Beatty Library
volunteer agrees to:

  • participate in appropriate trainings as scheduled;
  • work a minimum of two four-hour shifts a month (two-hour shifts for tour guides);
  • interact in a warm and courteous manner with library visitors and staff;
  • honour your agreed time commitment and arrive before your shift starts;
  • find a replacement if unable to work scheduled shift;
  • take problems, criticisms or suggestions to the Volunteer Co-ordinator;
  • consider as confidential all information that may be heard directly or indirectly involving the library and those you work with;
  • enjoy being a volunteer!

Volunteer Policy Agreement

I have received and read a copy of the Health and Safety policy and the Volunteer Policy drawn up by the Chester Beatty Library, and I agree to abide by these policies while working with the Library as a volunteer.
I agree to work as part of the staff at the Chester Beatty Library, to comply with any instructions given by permanent staff members and those in positions of responsibility and to ensure that my conduct towards staff, other volunteers and to the public is not detrimental to the reputation of the Chester Beatty Library.

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