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Photographic Material

The Chester Beatty Library provides the following photographic services:

  • hire of 5-inch x 4-inch colour transparencies;
  • sale of photographic prints, 35-millimetre slides and digital images;
  • facility for new photography if no image is available.

When requesting photographic material, please include the Chester Beatty Library's inventory number for the object, where known.

Reproduction Permission

The Chester Beatty Library welcomes requests for permission to reproduce images from the collection. Reproduction fees for use of material will be determined on the extent of the publication. Please forward full publication details, including print/production run, languages, territorial rights, and media where relevant.

Please contact the Chester Beatty Library in advance of reproducing its images or penalty fees may be incurred.

Photography & Filming

Photography and filming are not normally allowed in the Chester Beatty Library. However, if you wish to film or photograph for media purposes, please send a request to us by filling in the Contact Enquiry Form.
Rights and Reproductions,
The Chester Beatty Library,
Dublin Castle
Dublin 2
Fax: + 353 1 4070760
Or or by filling in the Contact Enquiry Form.